Hi there and welcome, my name's Joseph Ryan and this is my portfolio site.

The site is undergoing development at the moment to update it with recent project work and make it all shiny and new. Portfolio work shall be getting its own section but in the interim you can find samples of my previous work in the various fields below and my employment, experience and education over on the CV page.

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and a UX focused portfolio with samples from my most recent projects.


The following features I worked on were discovered through user research. This took place on NHS wards by observing and talking to doctors and nurses to better understand their pain points when trying to achieve their daily tasks while using our observation software. Workshops were also held with lo-fi prototypes to test and iterate on the user journeys and design.

Bed Allocation

Ward Managers needed to have the ability to assign staff to beds at the beginning of their shift and also keep track of who was on the ward to make sure that their was full patient coverage across the ward.


Patient Stand-In

Through observation and research we found that nurses needed the ability to temporarily share responsibility for their allocated beds with another nurse when they needed to go off the ward for any reason (for their break, patient transfer between wards). This ensured that no patients were left unaccounted for and the ward always had full coverage, enusring patient safety throughout the system.


Chart Tabbing

Doctors needed to be able to switch between different patient chart views (graph and table) to compare data points when conducting their ward rounds, whilst also being able to quickly cycle through to the next patient when they were ready to move on.



Mobile front-end for a task management and patient observation system used by nurses. Responsive design across mobile, tablet and adaptive for desktop view.


Doctors needed a way to manage and visually see the stage of each patients journey through the hospital in real time. I worked on the look and feel of the system, making the information more readable at a glance.

(First image animated)

Material Messenger

I wanted to try out the new Material Guidelines Google had released for creating apps on Android. I mocked up what a simple contacts and messenger app might look like.


A few examples of websites designed and developed utilizing HTML, CSS and Wordpress.

Ballykett Quarry

An image focused site for a quarry in the West of Ireland showcasing their produce and past work.

Blakes Driving School

A driving school that covers a large range of areas and lessons, packed with a bulk of content.

Stratiformis Consulting

A corporate site for a consulting company within the communications technology sector.

Leonard Provence Interiors

An interior decorators company site with a sleek, simple design and extensive animated gallery.

Off to See My Lawyer

An email marketing template for a newsletter from a business lawyer for female entrepreneurs.

St Bede's Junior School

An online prospectus, events calendar and newsletter for a Christian junior school.